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Built Heritage

Built heritage is one of our most important cultural assets. It represents the historical layers of our built environment in places made of brick, plaster, wood, metal and stone.

Many heritage buildings are today used for functions and services that did not exist when they were built.

Following is a collection of documents and resources related to our historical buildings and precincts.

Historic buildings in Port Macquarie:

Tacking Point Lighthouse
Roto House
The Historic Courthouse
Douglas Vale Homestead & Vineyard
Port Macquarie Historic Museum
Westpac Bank
Lake Innes Ruins
Historic Cemetery
Hayward House
Port Macquarie Pilot Cottage now the  Maritime Museum

Old Government House Management Plan Vol. 1:

Part One
Part Two

A history of Old Port Macquarie Gaol by Terry Kass:

Part one
Part two
Part three
Plan of H.M. Gaol Port Macquarie

Court House (former) and Norfolk Island Pines:

Heritage Report

Archaeological Remains of Overseers Cottages:

Clarence Street Port Macquarie – Report

Port Macquarie Archaeological Management Plan (1994) Vol. 2 – Inventory:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Historic Cemetery: 2014 upgrade

Port Macquarie’s Second Burying Ground – the Historic Cemetery –  was opened in 1822 and the last burial was in 1824. In 2014 it was given a major landscaping overhaul.

Town beach Kiosk: Historical Heritage Assessment

An historical assessment of Town beach kiosk and surrounds.

Port Macquarie Shops 1830-1960:

A listing of the shops that operated in Clarence and Horton streets between 1830 and 1960

NSW State Heritage Registers:

Search the State Heritage Register, Aboriginal Heritage, LEPs & Interim Heritage Orders

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