Biripi Nation:


Information on the Biripi peoples is fragmentary and at this point there is no definitive work on their history or culture. The following links are to websites containing information on the Biripi or to scans of articles or book sections that the library has collected.

N.B. There are a number of variant spellings of the name Biripi.References also appear in the literature to Birripai, Bripi, Biripai, Birrbay etc.  



Aboriginal Stories of the Mid-North Coast 

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From the  Legendary Pacific Coast website.

Scanned Documents


  Language & Culture 


A Biripi word list 
From 'The Australian Race: No. 186-Port Macquarie'

A handbook of Aboriginal languages of New South Wales

    Ch. 6 Hunter - Hastings Languages

Some Aboriginal Place Names on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales
    by B.J.S.Ryan (1963-4)

About Native Language
   Some words and their meanings  (source unknown)
Biripi Words of the Hastings and the Manning

   'The Australian Race' in Edward M Curr and the Tide of History ANU Press 2013
Gadhang (Kattang) Language Revitalisation
Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-Operative
The Birripai of the Manning: an Aboriginal Studies Unit for Secondary Schools

Two fish traps located on the mid-north coast of New South Wales
    by Valerie Campbell (1978)
Social divisions of the Birripai
     by W.J. Enright (1932)
Totems of the Biripi
Indigenous Australians using Trees and Timber.
    An excerpt from Some Timber Stories of the Hastings by Elaine van Kempen (2003)  


'The Biripi - A History since 1827' extract from 'Town and Country': a history of the Manning Valley by Max Solling, Halstead Press 2014
North Coast Women: a history to 1939

   Baiba Berzins (1996)
Aboriginal Heritage of the North Coast ~ a discussion paper
   NSW Dept of Planning. 1989
Baal Belbora: the end of the dancing
   Geoffrey Blomfield (1986)
The Kattang (Katthung) or Worimi: an Aboriginal Tribe
'The Aborigines at Port Macquarie'

    Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany Vol. 26 1838 pp224-225
Relations between Aborigines and White Settlers in the Newcastle District & the Hunter Valley,1804 -1841
    Dissertation by Chritine Bramble 1981
Her Story: searching for the Lost Women of the Two Rivers
   Chapter One - The First Women of the Two Rivers by Narelle Matthews (2005)
Co-operative Aboriginal Site Protection at Port Macquarie.
  National parks & Wildlife Service News Vol. 4 No. 1 1997/1998
Ngaku and Ngamba : the early Hastings residents
~Express May 22, 1985 


Miscellaneous Documents

The Up River murders
   Port Macquarie News June 29, 1981
Cricketers of yore
    Port Macquarie news September 17, 1979
"By gum she's right" (fish trap at Point Plomer)
    Port Macquarie News March 18, 1979
Aborigines' Week puts focus on sacred sites
    Port Macquarie News July 8, 1981
Study on Hastings Aboriginal Culture
   Port Macquarie News July 8,1981
"Bunyah Jimmy" King of the Hastings River
    Hastings gazette 1983
Those Blacks
   Port Macquarie News February 1892
Unacknowledged references to Hastings area Aboriginals
Thomas Dick
   Port Macquarie news march 23, 1981
Three Birroguns reflected in Aboriginal dreamtime
   Port Macquarie News January 19, 1998

Heritage Report - The Three Brothers Mountains
The Brothers Three...behind the names
   Camden Haven Courier 23.12.1981
Map of the Hastings region Aboriginal nations
  by J.H. Watson 1984
Tindale's 1974 Aboriginal Tribes of Australia - North Coast extractEarly Local Aborigines
   from Wauchope Historical Society
Charlie "King Murri"
   (no source)
Blackfellow - good spirit of the Hastings River
   Hastings Gazette 1983