World War One impacted on the Hastings to no greater or lesser degree than it did on so many other parts of Australia. But this did not lessen the sorrow, the heartbreak, the acute sense of loss and violation that the families of the Hastings felt as men and boys returned home scarred, broken or with invisible wounds. Tragically, many did not return at all. The post war community of Port Macquarie, like so many other communities both large and small, sought ways to commemorate their losses in a tangible and permanent way. Memorials to those who served began to appear throughout the country. Some were boards on the walls of halls and public buildings, some took the form of memorial gates, others

were discreet stone memorials in public spaces. Some, like the memorial in Port Macquarie, listed the names of those who served.The Port Macquarie Memorial was built by public subscription and was officially unveiled in April 1921. Atop the memorial sits a world globe bearing the words "They Crossed the Ocean".

     They Crossed the Ocean

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Appendix 1: Names added to the memorial in the year 2000

Appendix 2: Unveiling the memorial

Appendix 3: The Ostlers - soldier settlers

Appendix 4: Recollections of a soldier settlers son by Tony Ostler

Appendix 5: Henry "Harry" Nicholls

This website is not intended, nor does it claim, to be a definitive biographical source. The information has been researched using publicly available information sources and, in some cases, information contributed by relatives. The scope of the website is strictly limited to the names on the original Port Macquarie War Memorial. Hastings residents who may be listed on other regional memorials, or whose names have never been recorded in a public space, have not been included.

Similarly the names added in the year 2000 to plaques beside the original memorial have not been included. 

Anyone with further information or corrections is welcome to contact the Port Macquarie library.