Placenames of the Hastings



This publication is an attempt to consolidate existing printed and online placename references for the Hastings district and offer explanations as to their origins where known. It does not claim to be a definitive work as much of the lore surrounding placenames is difficult if not impossible to verify. It is intended as a guide and tool to assist further research. Anecdotal references have been passed down by generations and some places acquired their names by usage rather than by a formal naming process. Placenames also change over time and the veracity of printed sources cannot always be proven.

This publication draws on a number of earlier works; Placenames of the Port Macquarie District by Ian Symonds (with additions by Lois Coombes) provided a starting point which was expanded by incorporating a number of publications from Port Macquarie-Hastings Council. It also incorporates data from the Geographical Names Board (GNB) and the Australian National Placenames Survey.

The Library welcomes input from the community where people are able to extend the information contained herein or to offer substantiated corrections or additions to the work.


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