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    Tuesday&Thursday: 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm


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MP3 at Port Macquarie Library

In an effort to provide material in as wide a range of formats as possible we are pleased to announce that we now have a collection of books in MP3-CD format. Basically this format allows a whole book to be captured on one CD rather than in the normal eight to ten. For those , like me, who listen to stories in the car this has obvious advantages. This collection has been made possible thanks to a grant from Library Council of New South Wales. The collection is located next to the existing books on CD. Remember these can only be played on an MP3 compatible machine.  



Author visit



Two popular local authors, Ian Ridgway and Michael Davies, are coming to speak at Port Macquarie Libary on Wednesday 18th February 2009 at 10.00am.

All welcome! Morning tea will be provided and books by the authors will be available for purchase on the day.

Most titles by both authors are also available from the Library, see the libary catalogue via or just click on the link for 'Port Macquarie Hastings Library'.

For more information on Ian Ridgway see

For more information on Michael Davies see

 Hope to see you there!


 [Photo of Michael Davies courtesy of Macleay Argus]



New Look For Port Macquarie Library

Port Library has a new look. We have created a new magazine and newspaper reading area at the far end of the library near the computers. The old magazine  area has been replaced with a CD and DVD display. Last, but not least, the Reference Collection has been moved closer to the main desk.  We have had the full range of comments from brilliant to could you please change it back. Come in and have a look for yourselves.


The Independence Of Miss Mary Bennett



A daunting task to set yourself is to write a sequel to one of the worlds most read, classic novels. Colleen Mccullough has done this with mixed success.

The novel starts 20 years after the close of events in pride and prejudice. The story follows sister Mary, “the religious one” who sacrifices her youth to care for Mother Bennet in her last years, a difficult task, considering her temperament outlined in the original.


The novel touches on all the sisters, and describes their various fortunes and misfortunes, but chronicles more closely Mary’s adventures following her release from family obligations and small financial independence bestowed on her by brother in law Darcy.

Fired with a passion to chronicle the plight of England’s poor Mary embarks upon a mission of investigation that eventually leads her into mortal danger.


I enjoyed the novel immensely, although not written with the same guile as Miss Austen, it was quite a page turner. I did think halfway through that perhaps Ms Mccullough was channelling Enid Blyton rather than Jane Austen, the conclusion  was suitably romantic, new characters as well as all the well loved ones and  a few surprising twists which were refreshing, reminding you that  some one else had carried on with the story.


This is not perhaps a novel for the die hard Austen fans but definitely one for Mccullough fans and all those who have wanted to leave their mark upon the world one way or another.


SWR Library


Just one more book

Reviews of a whole range of children's books done in podcast form live from the reviewer's favourite coffee shop. A fairly strong American bias, but some great authors and titles are discussed. Given the number of reviews a great deal of coffee must have been consumed.