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And the winner is......

The winning entry to the Haiku Competition as chosen by our indepenedent judge is 

The Birdman’s Wife by Melissa Ashley

 Wife, artist, mother

 So many plumes, one short life.

 Fly, Elizabeth.

 by Lyn Taylor

This haiku immediately drew my attention. I liked its tone and its simplicity.  There is a gentle unforced quality as if the words belong together in a natural way.  This kind of tone is often present in Japanese haiku. 

As an incentive to read the book, the poem works well too. What is a ‘plume’? Why is Elizabeth asked to ‘fly’, in that powerful last line?  I shall have to read the book to discover the significance. 

Well done Lyn. Your poem is impressive. 

Short List 

Jeffrey Woolf               Brideshead Revisited  

Atheist artist

Loves rich Catholic woman

Love denied again

Maggie Jones               Watercolours

Child art shows up crime

Black market chemical spill

River waters kill

Caleb Rose                  Papillon

Life of lives Henri

Now a butterfly set free

To live out your dreams 

Rebecca Dable            It

The deepest fear floats,

In the sewer of our mind,

Bloated, let it rot

Special Mention

Hallie Tydd    (age 9)

The wolves start to howl,

The devil has awoken,

A red moon rises.

 She is so young, so gifted, and has so much promise. I do hope she continues to write.

Special Mention from St Columba Year 8 

 Kierra Burrows            Wonder

Beautiful in all 
Wonderful on the inside 
Wonder on the out

Isaac Rumbel              The Hobbit

the light brightens 
oh the death the death
it was treacherous

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